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Face Favourites: Crayon Lipsticks

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Face Favourites - Lipstick Crayons |

One product that I've always kept close to my heart is the classic sheer lipstick. I have thin lips and I find that darker colours make them seem even smaller and thinner so I tend to stay away from the darker, matte lipsticks and more towards satin finishes and sheer washes of colour on the lips. I also suffer from some serious chapped lips, year round and whilst there are some great bullet options I can wear, unless I'm having a good lip day, I often have to forgo the wonder of liquid lipsticks.

Enter the crayon lipstick!

I'm pretty sure I got sucked in immediately with an "emergency" purchase one day at Priceline, thinking it was a tinted balm but realising after application that it was so much more than that. Now I pick up crayon and pencil style lipsticks whenever I can! I find that the drug store brands seem to make some of the best of the bunch, which means I stock up on all different types whenever there's a sale and I don't feel so guilty, because they're cheap but good quality!

Although these formulations aren't ridiculously long lasting, they're easy to apply and with the majority of them, the colours are sheer enough for me not to worry too much about requiring a mirror or being 100% precise. The perfect makeup product for a day where you might be eating, drinking or kissing, because the product doesn't build up like a bullet or liquid lipstick can, it doesn't look awful after several re-applications.

My current favourites and what I'm throwing in my bag every day are the L'Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm in Can't Sit with Us and Clueless. The names made me laugh when I saw them in Priceline and I had to pick them up because after I swatched them, I was in love! These are followed up closely by the Revlon ColourBurst Balms which come in satin, gloss or matte formulas with enough colours to suit even the pickiest of makeup lovers.

So if you're looking for an easy peasy fun pop of colour for your lips that isn't super matte or drying - I'd definitely recommend picking up a lipstick crayon or two!