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Review: Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

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Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm Review

For the longest time, I'd been reading about this miracle cleansing balm on Caroline Hirons' blog and I was desperate to get my hands on it but not living in the UK any more meant that I didn't have quick and easy access to purchasing it so I actually ended up waiting until I could purchase it in London from Marks & Spencer when I went over in August last year.

I ended up waiting until to December to open it and it ran out in the second week of February. I think that I could have made it last longer however I tend to use a lot of product when I'm using a cleansing balm, so your mileage may vary on usage times. I was using the balm as a first cleanse of an evening as part of a double cleansing method.

As I travelled from London to Brisbane, the jar holding the balm did leak a little bit, even though it was kept in the box and wrapped until I arrived back in Brisbane.

I found that the balm was definitely more "delicate" than other balms I've used and melted really easily into an oil whilst it was still in the jar, which was understandable, as temperatures in my Brisbane based bathroom in summer can be uncomfortably hot during the day. If I repurchased this, which I probably wont and I'll explain why below, I'd probably keep it in a cooler place in my house.

The first time I opened the jar, I have to admit, I was a bit taken back by the fragrance. I'm sure a lot of people find it nice, but I found it overly strong. It's definitely not my favourite scent and I guess I'm used to unscented products these days and you can definitely tell there are some essential oils in there! The balm melted very easily in my hands and felt lovely on the skin, it washed off easily and even if I got a bit slack and didn't do a second cleanse I didn't feel like there was any oily residue left on my skin as long as I used a wash cloth and some warm water.

As mentioned earlier in the review, I probably won't purchase this product again. Initially, I hadn't taken the price in to much consideration, but given that it's almost $80, I felt that there were better options available that are easier to purchase and more importantly, get samples of to try out and whilst it was a perfectly good balm cleanser and removed my makeup with ease, I didn't feel like it did anything particularly special for my skin. I also think that it might be slightly too oily and designed for a more drier skin type than I have and the scent was really off-putting for me.

If you have dry, mature skin and don't mind scented products, I would recommend giving this a try although oily/combo skinned balm addicts should consider something else.

My rating: 3/5
Price: AU $79.95
Can be purchased at: TVSN